Depending on the nature of the land or the project involved, development proposals in the Gulf Islands often raise multiple consenting and information requirements beyond typical design details, including the need for specialist wastewater, geotechnical, civil engineering, landscape architecture or ecological inputs.


Isle Land Limited is familiar with the circumstances where such specialist input is required and the level of analysis and investment needed in each case. Where multiple inputs are required an important part of Isle Land Limited's role is to "get these ducks in a row" to allow consent to be granted and construction to commence as quickly as possible!

Contrary to popular belief, Isle Land Limited understands that Council consent processing officers are not interested in being obstructive and that they are keen to allow people to exercise their private property rights, provided that the various legal requirements of the Resource Management Act and the District Plan are addressed.  For this reason, rather than "telling them how to do their job", Isle Land Limited's preferred approach is to work with Council consent processing officers to provide a well founded and ultimately successful application.