Recent Testimonials

Dealing with Council on Complicated resource consent matters is never easy and is a highly stressful and expensive experience for the applicant.


Wendy handled our application with the utmost of professionalism and calmness and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services as a planner.


Her recommended professionals to support the application was second to none.


Thanks Wendy and team.


Werner Eichholz, re Waiheke Island, March 2019

Our combined application for Land Use and Subdivision Consents was a complicated one. Isle Land drafted a professional and complete submission, and shepherded it through the approval process to a successful outcome in a reasonable period of time.


From the horror stories we'd heard from other parties that have applied for similar consents, there is no doubt that Isle Land added value, ensuring that the application addressed Council requirements and consulting with us on the approach that should be taken. 


It did take a wee while to get the process started, but this was a result of a peak in workload late last year that must be reflective of the demand for the services of Isle Land (!).


(name withheld), re Waiheke Island, March 2019

I just want to thank you for work completed on our behalf with the renovation being done with our house.


All now complete and (we) moved back home about one month ago.   Everyone connected with our extension/build have been absolutely excellent and as you were 'in at the beginning' - our thanks.


A & T, re Waiheke Island, August 2018

We have employed Isle Land several times to seek resource consent on our behalf.  We have found them to be very knowledgeable and efficient. 


They have advised on how the applications should be presented resulting in a complete success rate. 


They have also been efficient in arranging for pre-inspections by the local authority to smooth the application process.  They have always performed on time and on budget. 

Robertson Trust, re Waiheke Island, July 2018

Yes, I'm ecstatic with the outcome of getting my resource consent for my buildings on my property...

I was referred to ask Wendy Baverstock of Isle land Limited to help, as I didn't know where to start.  Wendy and her co-workers were amazing... they answered all my phone calls promptly and eased all my worries.

I can't say enough about their efficiency; I just want to praise them highly and thank them so much.


Shirley Foley, re Waiheke Island, June 2018

I have worked with Isle Land a couple of times over the past few years, with some of the work needing to be done a bit complicated on occasion.


They have been fantastic to deal with, always professional and efficient and always delivering on what needed to be done; I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering working with them. 


Carl O’Shea, re Waiheke Island, May 2018

Wendy and her team at Isle Land achieved a fantastic result for us at our property on Tui St in Oneroa. Our resource consent required discretionary approval for both site coverage and total bedroom numbers.


Wendy gave us the confidence to press on with our plans, which were ultimately achieved thanks to her involvement. Wendy is punctual and pragmatic, and available to answer all the inevitable questions that arise when you haven’t previously dealt with what is otherwise a fairly complicated planning regime on the island.


I would highly recommend Wendy and her team to anyone looking to redevelop or build on Waiheke.  


Ben Harding, re Waiheke Island, May 2018

Wendy Baverstock and Isle Land Limited are nothing short of exceptional.

I had a project of substantial planning complexity involving a very limited time frame, and Isle Land provided superb advice up front, impeccable execution, efficient navigation of every twist and turn of the process, and in the end a perfect outcome. 

I recommend them enthusiastically and unreservedly.

Dr Henry Weil USA, re Great Barrier Island, May 2018

We have worked with Wendy on a couple of occasions now and I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.


Wendy and her teams broad knowledge and experience in the field of planning is second to none, if you want to submit plans to council for consent you need to use this team of professionals to make your application thorough and time efficient.


Andrew Smith, The Moorings Waiheke Island, April 2018

Wendy and her team have been absolutely brilliant with sorting out my resource consent for a new build on Kennedy Point.  They provided me with constant feedback with how the process was going and gave great advice. I look forward to using Isle Land again soon.  

Willie James, re Waiheke Island, April 2018

We would unreservedly recommend using Wendy and Isle Land Ltd to help anyone looking to get consent for a land or building project from Auckland Council. Wendy has extensive knowledge of the processes, people, and details around consents. This was useful to us in multiple phases in our new house design, including:


  • Design: advising us on what might not be approved and suggesting solutions;
  • Initial application writing: ensuring that the application documents were all complete and the nomenclature correct, accurate, and appropriate;
  • Application lodgement: lodging at the right time, and ensuring the communications with the right people were clear and timely;
  • Application processing: interfacing with Council and ensuring questions were clarified and answered fully, and making sure that Council processed the application quickly;
  • Application granted: helping us understand the details and what they meant.


We can honestly say that her knowledge and work enabled a smooth and expedient passage of our consent through the Council process, and saved us time and money. We will definitely use Isle Land for any future consents that we may need.

Paul and Simone Jennings, re Waiheke Island, February 2018

We embarked on a journey to build new home on Waiheke in early 2016.

Our site was challenging in many aspects and we were advised to talk to Wendy to get her input from day one, given her experience on the island as a Resource Management Planning consultant and the fact that she had worked for the local office of Auckland Council prior to that.

Her help in explaining and offering suggestions and opinions on how to best tackle the consenting process formed the foundation for our applications for both the Resource and 2 Building Consents.

At all stages during our interactions with the Auckland City Council Wendy handled the application process for Resource Consent and was available to assist with support in getting traction from a sometimes frustratingly bureaucratic Council process. This included a challenge to the Council over unfair and unreasonable costs.

Wendy is professional and objective in all her dealings and willingly shares her knowledge.

We would unreservedly recommend her as an advocate.

Leighton Langley, re Waiheke Island, January 2018

Over the past 5 years Isle Land have proved to be an indispensable partner. 


They’ve helped us chart and subsequently successfully navigate the often complex consent process.


Undoubtedly, without the direction provided by Isle Land our projects would not have arrived at a successful conclusion as quickly, nor within would they have been delivered within budget. 


Gavin Oliver, MD EcoZip Adventures Waiheke Island, 2017

Wendy and her team were incredibly professional and easy to deal with.  Our resource consent went through without a hitch and in record time. 


The entire process was painless and stressless.  This was surprising to us as we were asking for slightly more than the district plan allowed for.


Wendy's knowledge of the intricacies of the Act and how to present a case to Council are of immense benefit to her clients.


We highly recommend Wendy to anyone wanting to build or develop property on Waiheke Island.


Lauren Young and John Hudson, re Waiheke Island, 2017

Our family decided to get on to the property market after recently re-locating to Waiheke.  After much deliberation on whether to buy or build, we found a section that ticked all the boxes and decided we would pursue our dream.


As this is our first build (an ambitious) project and we didn’t know where to start and that’s where we enlisted the help of Wendy.


Her extensive experience, local knowledge and network connections came through and guided us throughout the process of obtaining resource consent.


This was an invaluable step for us novices, her guidance and advice was much appreciated, learning as we went through this journey.  Her attention to detail made our application sail through consent stage.


She always had what was best for us the clients in mind and worked with us to ensure our vision of what we wanted to achieve was paramount.


Wendy has a great ability to explain complex situations and has a quick response time when deadlines/issues arise, her communication with all third parties made this process run smoothly without too many speed bumps along the way.


We would recommend anyone thinking of building on the island to enlist Isle Land’s services, it would be a decision you won’t regret.


We would have no hesitation using Wendy & Isle Land’s services again.


Larissa & Scott, re Waiheke Island, 2017

Stonyridge Vineyard recently engaged the services of Isle Land. Wendy and her team were efficient, professional and keep in contact with us every step of the way through to consent approval.


We highly recommend Isle Land for any Resource Management planning on Waiheke.




David Jackson, GM Stonyridge Vineyards Waiheke Island, 2017

My wife and I want to express our thanks for the professional guidance we received during the entire Resource Consent process from Wendy Baverstock of Isle Land.  


Her input was invaluable in helping us time our construction.  Wendy gets high marks for her ability to explain complex issues and for her rapid response times.  


Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with Isle Land.


(name withheld), re Waiheke Island, 2017

I have been working with Wendy Baverstock of Isle Land Limited on behalf of the Waiheke Anglican Church.

My association with Wendy is fairly recent compared with the contact which others in our church family have had since 2001/2002 when David Betterton, since passed, started proceedings with regards to our upgrade of St Andrews, Onetangi. David always had the highest regard for Wendy and her genuine concern and professionalism.

My experience is echoed, total ease and promptness of communication. Wendy always looked for the best option for her client and has provided us with good results and very good advice. We are on our way to the upgrade at last with her invaluable support.

I have no hesitation on behalf of our church in recommending Isle Land Limited for any Resource Consent Management and other property issues.


Roberta Taylor Talbot, Worship Coordinator/Assisting with Property, Waiheke Island 2017

I spoke to a number people asking who would be the best planner to use, to help us with obtaining a resource, land use and subdivision consent for our proposed subdivision and development on Waiheke.  Wendy from Isle Land was the most common answer. 

Wendy fully duplicated our needs and requirements.  She clearly outlined the process and various tasks in advance, in a fee proposal, so we knew exactly what to expect. 

Wendy gave direction and guidance whenever needed to the other specialists providing reports (arborist, architect, waste and stormwater and geo tech engineers), and kept everyone on track.


Once all the supporting reports were in, she promptly and efficiently put the whole application submission together. Council officers only came back with a few minor questions, which were quickly resolved and our resource consent came through within 5 weeks of lodging. 

Throughout the process I found Wendy, very precise, succinct and good to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her for similar services.


Success with your future projects,


Pieter de Zeeuw, re Waiheke Island, 2017

Wendy, with her extensive local knowledge, networks and experience has been able to work with the bureaucratic planning system and achieve a successful outcome for us.


During the process, she has remained relentlessly positive despite the many challenges she had to overcome.


Thanks Wendy.


John E, 2017

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you have done in getting the resource consent accepted for our property on Waiheke.


I hadn’t realised or appreciated how complex the process had become. In fact, I can’t believe that I'd initially considered “having a go” myself – what a disaster that would have been.


My advice to anyone looking to take on that job is to leave it to the experts – and I’ll certainly be pointing them in your direction.


Many thanks again. 

Kind Regards


Anthony Meredith, re Waiheke Island, 2017

Wendy Baverstock, from Isle Land Resource Management Planning, was employed by us to undertake the arduous task of ensuring that our Resource Consent relating to our building application met all the standards of the Auckland Council.


Her experience in these matters was invaluable and we quite simply could not have accomplished the same result that Wendy was able to achieve. 


We thoroughly recommend Wendy and Isle Land Management Planning to those who want to navigate the complex issues surrounding a Resource Consent.   


Ray Pye and Mikki Tae Tapara, 2017

Having never owned bare land before we had little idea about how to approach both the building and the sub-division elements that were required. Initial investigation was like opening a big can of worms, with compliance,  paperwork and reports appearing complex, costly and overwhelming.  

Thankfully we were referred to Wendy and the team at Isle Land who were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals with minimal stress and effort. 


Wendy’s relationships with both the council and industry experts was of huge value and key for us achieving the desired outcome.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy and the Isle Land team to anyone wanting to save a huge amount of time, money and stress.  

Many thanks Wendy and the team.


Ben Hickey, re Palm Beach Waiheke Island, 2017

We have been using the services of Isle land for the last 6 years on a number of projects including subdivision,  new building resource consents , licensing etc.


Our experience has always been very positive. The work is handled professionally and always completed in a really timely manner.


We have always had success with our applications. I find Wendy to be very helpful with general queries, she will quickly provide a realistic summation of a projects viability which is very helpful.


In summary a great company to work with I highly recommend. 

Nick Jones, Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant Waiheke Island, 2017

We are very grateful that Wendy worked for us to obtain Resource Consent for our building project. It was a lengthy process where standard council conditions did not apply due to our prominent site. During this time we saw Wendy’s tenacious spirit and she encouraged us with her positive attitude.


Wendy has an excellent knowledge of council requirements and local providers, which was invaluable. She represented us very well at a meeting with a council planner, which we attended. She also questioned the high fees we were charged by council, and was successful in obtaining a reduction of those fees.


We have always believed that Wendy had our best interests at heart. We recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a competent and friendly planner.


Judi and Ross Barrett, January 2017

I engaged Isle Land Limited and Wendy Baverstock to assist in the preparation of a Resource Consent for a villa renovation in Herne Bay.  Wendy had been recommended to me by my draughtsman, Garth, who had worked with her in the past. 


Garth advised me Wendy was very familiar with the issues we were grappling with, would take a cost effective and practical approach and was good to work with. His recommendation proved to be completely accurate.  Wendy completed the application for me during the transition to the Unitary Plan, where there was a high degree of uncertainty and the industry was very busy. 


From my perspective, notwithstanding the timing, my application was given priority by Wendy and any queries raised by Council were sorted quickly and efficiently. Accordingly, I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to others requiring assistance in applying for a resource consent or related services.  

Tania, re Herne Bay, 2017

Our entities have always used the services of Wendy Baverstock at Isle Land Ltd for all of our planning consultancy and implementation.


We have only ever received accurate and timely advice with a 100% successful execution rate so far.


I have no reservations in recommending Isle Land for those seeking planning services within the Waiheke and broader Hauraki district. 


Luc Desbonnets, Managing Director, Waiheke Estates Ltd

I was having quite an arm wrestle with the ACC, wanting consent for a house and driveway which encroached over a water way.


It was a long process and without Wendy Baverstock's knowledge, promptness and professionalism I wouldn't have got it over the mark so thanks a lot to Isle Land.


Grant Sproul, January 2017

We recently engaged Wendy to undertake a Resource Consent application. While not a large job the application covered three separate areas.


With her knowledge of local Waiheke requirements and the Act, Wendy was able to advise that our application would have a high probability of being approved. This was reassuring and Wendy dealt with questions from the Council allowing the application to be processed without a hitch through to the final approval.


This was a stress free process which we appreciated.


Kind regards


Bernie Hill, re Waiheke Island, 2016

To Whom it may concern

We commissioned Wendy Baverstock at Isle Land to prepare and submit a “non complying” resource consent application to Auckland Council. Wendy held preliminary discussions with the relevant parties at Council that lead to our application being positively received.


The Resource Consent was processed within, what we would consider as record time, without the need for Council to request any further information or query any aspect of the application.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Isle Land Consulting as a town planning consultancy. Should you wish to confirm the writers bona fides, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Brett Cooper, 2016

Over the last four years we have used Wendy for four different Resource Consent Applications.


Each time we have found the professional advice Wendy and the team at Isle Land supplied was accurate, very timely and very clearly provided with an understanding of our requirements. Although sometimes the news was not the news we would have preferred,  Wendy was able to guide us through the various steps to achieve a great result.


In particular Wendy knows and has a detailed understanding of the planning regulations as they pertain to Waiheke Island.


We have no hesitation in providing this testimonial. We can highly recommend Wendy and the Isle Land team and will use them again.


Howard Morely, Director Auckland Property Management, re Waiheke Island, 2016

To Whom it may Concern 


Having had a previous unsuccessful experience, we engaged Wendy Baverstock of Isle Land Ltd to prepare a resource consent application.


All business was conducted in a pleasant, efficient and professional manner and above all resulted in a very successful outcome.


We would highly recommend Wendy and team for any resource consent planning matters, and are willing to be contacted if necessary.


Graham and Liz Somervaille, re Waiheke Island, 2016

As we were new to the entire planning process we commissioned Isle Land to prepare and submit a resource consent application to Auckland Council.


They were extremely helpful and professional in dealing with all the council processes and advocated on our behalf when further information was required. Holding meetings / discussions with council to ensure our application was positively received.


We whole-heartedly recommend Isle Land Consulting for any resource consent or planning work. We freely provide this testimonial without hesitation.


Should you wish to confirm the writers bona fides, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Clare and Gerald Tonkin, re Waiheke Island, 2016

To Whom it may concern,


We have utilised the services of Wendy Baverstock and Isle Land Ltd, several times in the last few years. On each occasion the project at hand included a Resource Consent from Auckland Council that was, at the beginning of our planning, "a gross improbability."


The first project was on Waiheke Island with very tight restrictions - we sought consent to add onto our existing 3 bedroom house with visitor accommodation. For numerous reasons 'It's not going to happen,' we were told. Against all odds, Wendy got the Resource Consent approval done. Took a bit of time and preparedness to comply with Council requirements, but it was done. We were elated.


The second project was in central Auckland where we had purchased an old villa in res 1 zone. The villa needed substantial renovations and extensions. Council was excessively restrictive being res 1. A lengthy process followed including several meetings with Council but in the end the objective was achieved including the gross improbability of site subdivision. Patience and Wendy / Isle Land Ltd were key.  We were very very happy.


Our present project is again at Waiheke on a site again with difficulties. Again, we seek to extend the existing house. We automatically revert to Isle Land - Wendy / Isle Land Ltd - "they will fix it." Subsequent to a very lengthy explanatory report to Council we have very recently received Resource Consent approval from Council. Again we are very happy.


At our first meeting with Wendy we liked her 'up front' but 'can do' attitude. 'It may be difficult - but let's give it a go.' She is easy to deal with, has a very pleasant manner, has experience as a Council employee, has a very high reputation on Waiheke, always available to answer questions, definately knows her way inside Council, knows what she is doing and above all..gets the job done.


We unreservedly recommend Isle Land Ltd for any Resource Management Planning project in Auckland. There is nothing better when doing a building project to know you have the best people looking after you for Resource Consent issues. Always a pleasure to deal with, but also with results.


Keith and Judi Davis, Central Auckland and Waiheke Island, 2016

Over the past several years we have engaged or worked with the team at Isle Land on numerous residential and commercial building projects.

Their professional and knowledgeable approach to Resource Management Planning on Waiheke Island is crucial to our own business as the complexities of the resource management act and regional authorities demands have become overwhelming.

Our first recommendation to any of our clients or architects is to have Isle Land on board. Their service and experience is invaluable. 

Bart Haub, Managing Director, Haven Waiheke Ltd